Vegan China is a

Therefore During the past few years. Contrary to the past. When the daily use of pork was a symbol of luxury for the middle class. The green sprouts began to sprout in China. Meat substitutes based on flowers are winning their place among. The new generation of consumers. Who are not bothered by food crises such as African and African diseases. Having large quantities of free soybeans and large facilities for processing plant-based materials. Including soybeans and peanuts .China can play a major role in accelerating the world s meat production. the production of meat in vegetables in the growth of vegetables Elaine Sioux. The director of global food management wrote the Guardian.

As the Watchdog Notes


Meat consumption in China has increased dramatically since the 1960s, when an average person consumed five servings of meat a year. In this number increased to 48 kilograms.

According to the watchdog, China still consumes 28 and a half percent of the world’s meat and half of the pork. Its meat market is estimate at billion dollars.

However, in the Chinese government Italy Phone Number announced plans to reduce the country’s meat consumption by 50 percent and encouraged its citizens to limit meat intake to 40-75 grams per day. day. This is noteworthy, because few countries have found “meat” in their attempts to combat the crisis of attitudes. The new rules requiring meat for citizens 40-75 supported the public information advertisement with the participation of Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and director James Cameron.

And There Are Signs


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That the country’s food culture is changing. It is expected that the vegan market in China will grow from  which is the fastest growth rate in the world, reports in the Asian market. According to the business world, in Shanghai, the number of Vegan Therefore restaurants increased from 49 in Interestingly, even among those who do not Therefore consider themselves vegan or vegetarian, interest in plants is growing. Although more than 90 percent of respondents Therefore did not call their plants, 86.7 percent tried meat with vegetables. In the country’s domestic meat industry based on sawdust is worth 90 million dollars, and the annual growth rate shows 14.2 percent.


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