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Considered essential for anyone who wants to learn more about the methodology. A big part of the nps method is the following question: on a scale of 0 to 10. How likely are you to recommend company x to a friend or colleague? The great differential of this model is that it allows medium and long-term results. Enabling the monitoring and implementation of improvements in the company. Therefore. It is often used as a performance indicator (kpi). How to calculate nps? It is applied to verify the degree of satisfaction of an audience already known to the company. In order to allow improvements in the relationship. There are two basic questions in this satisfaction survey.

One of a quantitative nature and the other of a qualitative nature. The first question is about how much the customer would recommend the product or company to a friend. The answer must be given in the range of 0 to 10. With 0 for no chance of recommending and 10 for certainty of recommendation. The second question is qualitative and seeks to investigate the reasons that led to the previous answer. Customers are faced with the following question: why did you rate it? In this way. It is possible to know the failures and successes of the company. Whether in customer service . In relation to the product or the company itself.

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So you can separate customers into promoter customers and detractor customers. Based on scores from 0 to 10. The classification works as follows: detractor Estonia Phone Numbers customers: are those who give scores from 0 to 6. These consumers did not have a good experience with the purchase in general. Criticize the company in public and have very little chance of doing business with the company again; neutral customers: are those who give scores between 7 and 8. They are not loyal or enthusiastic about the brand; promoter customers: are those who give the highest scores. 9 and 10. And are more likely to have a relationship with the brand. Providing feedback and recommendations. In addition to this methodology. There are many others that can be applied to assess the degree of interest of your customers with your company.

Estonia Phone Numbers

Products or services. Not to mention the possibility of developing your own satisfaction survey. This way. You can think even more about the type of information you want to acquire. Why do a satisfaction survey? In a scenario of increasing competition. Customer loyalty becomes a necessity. To be able to retain consumers. It is important to get to know each one of them. Identify what they evaluate as positive and negative in your business. And then improve what you offer. Also. In digital businesses. Where relationships are not physical and distance can be seen as an issue. The satisfaction survey brings you closer to your audience and shows that their opinion matters to you.

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Knowing how to listen to the needs and demands of consumers is one of the factors that ensure that you stand out in the market. Based on the data obtained. You can also devise strategies capable of increasing the loyalty of your customers. Which implies the growth and consolidation of the business in the market. The big problem is that customers. Without the right provocation. May not show all their thoughts about the brand and its products. Therefore. We will show below some recommended practices when applying a satisfaction survey. The main types of satisfaction survey in addition to nps. There are other types of satisfaction surveys that can be applied for a variety of purposes. Learn about two other research methods and how they work: customer satisfaction score (csat) it is the most used model to measure consumer satisfaction.

As it offers a scale to evaluate the brand experience. It is more common in stores. Where there is a simple question on a toten. Some examples are: how do you rate the service at the store? Are you satisfied with the purchase? Did the service meet your expectations? Note that the questions can have only two scores (1 and 2 or yes and no) or a larger scale. From 1 to 10. That is. It is a method where there are several ways to measure the results. Customer effort score (ces) this methodology is similar to the one explained above. The principle is the same. But instead of directly asking the consumer how satisfied they are. Ask about their last experience with the brand.

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