In Australia Deleterious Atmosphere Between Google and

In Australia a deleterious atmosphere.Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Between google and the government! Australia. Wants to force google and Facebook to respect its. “Code of conduct” in favor of its local press groups. A position that displeases google and which has .Resulted for several weeks in a showdown with. The Australian government . And recently the web giant indicated that .It could withdraw its search engine from Australia if this. Code of conduct” ever comes into force. For Microsoft this situation represents an opportunity that it intends to seize in order to offer Australia its Bing engine instead of Google’s. But this raises several questions and in particular. What would be the consequences of an Australia. Without google? And can bing really replace it? Here are some answers.

Faced With This Threat the Australian

Why does google refuse to submit. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List This code of conduct in Australia there is a competition .Commission which plays the role of regulator. In 2018, it published a report indicating a fundamental. Imbalance in bargaining power between Australian news. Media and the two digital giants of google and Facebook. In order to remedy this.The committee recommended the adoption of a code. Of conduct which must be respected by the two companies mentioned. The latter obliging them to pay the australian media. And if google is not against the idea of ​​supporting them. It nevertheless rejects this code. Indeed if he accepts it he will have to pay the Australian. Press groups when he wants to use their content to integrate them into his search engine. However. According to Mel silva, responsible for google in australi.

Government Stands Firm and Declares That Other Companies

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The possibility of creating links freely. In the first place. Between websites is fundamental for research. This code creates unreasonable and unmanageable. Financial and operational risk for our business. If the code becomes law in its current form. We would have no choice but to stop making google search available in Australia .Bolivia WhatsApp Number List  She also adds that there is a way forward that allows us to support Australian. Journalism without ceasing research”, namely google news showcase, a service through which the American. Company pays media to highlight a selection of their content. A product that is already available in Germany and brazil. But if Australia refuses this proposal, google will withdraw. Its search engine from the country.

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