Under the threat of “Wuhan Pneumonia”, is Japan doing a good job in epidemic prevention

The Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19) that has swept the world has so far infected more than 40,000 people and killed nearly 1,000. However. The Taiwanese government’s epidemic prevention efforts. Can be said to be commendable. And Japanese netizens are envious.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Japanese government has followed the instructions of the World Health Organization (WHO), but it has been questioned by the Japanese media and the public. The epidemic prevention action is basically half a beat, not to mention that when Wuhan was closed on January 23,

The main reason is that although Japan

had its first confirmed case on January 16. It was a Chinese from China who lived in Panama Phone Number Kanagawa Prefecture. But this case was the only case in Japan when Wuhan was closed. Even on January 27, There are only four cases in Japan. Which makes the Japanese people feel that the Wuhan pneumonia seems to be far away from them, and there are not many people wearing masks on the road.What really alerted the Japanese society was on January 28. Not only did the number of confirmed cases increase by 3 at a time,

e government began to evacuate overseas

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Chinese from Wuhan. As of February 8, a total of 4 flights were flown and 763 people were returned. Of which 10 were diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia. Unlike before, this emergency situation has caused the Japanese people to realize the horror of the Wuhan pneumonia, so their attitudes have changed greatly, and they have begun to buy medical masks, alcohol, hand sanitizers and other supplies, but they are surprised to find drugstores and hypermarkets.


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