In more traditional sales models budgets and costs are usually discussed

The end of the purchase process, since it thought that buyers would more willing to purchase the product or service once they knew its benefits, no matter how expensive. outside. While this may work in some cases, the truth that in the Sandler model it better to do it halfway, as this is part of the lead qualification process. By knowing this information, you will able to offer them products and plans tailored to their needs, or —if they do not have the necessary budget— you will able to abandon the sale and focus on other leads. We recommend that you always ask the prospect if they have already used a similar product or service, and how much it cost, in order to get a broader view of their experience with the competition and what you could offer to improve their experience.

Discuss decision making It also known only as decision

The last stage of the qualification phase. Taking this into account, this consists of a review of all the points discussed above, to determine if the Kuwait Phone Number prospect meets all the requirements to make the purchase. In the event that both the sales consultant and the prospect agree with the purchase, the following must determined: In what medium will the purchase finalized? The quantity of products. Where the product will collected, or where the service will valid. warranty time. All the aspects that it includes.

What presentation required Among other things Remember that the

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Entire process of selling the Sandler method should not in vain. Knowing in depth the needs of the client, you have to offer them the best possible personalized experience. 6. Compliance This is the first stage of the last phase, which, as its name implies, about the successful closing of the sale. Before proceeding to sign the contracts, it necessary to verify that all the data is in order, and that all the people involved are satisfied with the purchase. If it is a B2B (business to business) sale , it is important that it approved by the corresponding departments, since – if not – it could not only hinder the closing, but also canceled.

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