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The outsourcing of some business processes in general is a good opportunity for companies. Since it allows to obtain a variability of costs. Organizational flexibility, especially if referring to non-core-business activities, without giving up the strategic part. To the added value. The issue is choosing the outsourcing model: this is where the difficulties begin. Many look for the ‘solution to a problem’ in the outsource. Looking for suppliers with Diogenes’ lantern, always looking for the best. Internal management, where possible, is probably optimal.

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Now, the question is: how to choose? There is no best, there is only the most suitable for the current organization. The one in which a Director of Personnel can identify himself and his organization. This is why a business network is based on companies that carry out the same activity with a ‘horizontal’ and not a vertical collaboration and amplifies the possibility of this identification, reducing project risks.Winning the challenge of complexity Another important aspect that distinguishes internal management from outsourcing in any process is the duration of the relationship: a one-off supply is born according to a short-term logic, while an ongoing service relationship – based on a daily relationship – is necessarily based on a long-term vision; then obviously the contractual clauses must be managed. Oman Phone Number

Euhrnet is nothing more than the extension of this vision we have with our customers, strengthening the relationship with them thanks also to the network contract between us, companies as much the same as they are different. In the immediate future we intend to share this philosophy by strengthening our presence in some territories, perhaps extending some partnerships to companies able to offer value-added services not necessarily limited to the specialist and vertical part of the payroll, which remains our core business ” , explains Merman Bini Chiesa , President of Euhrnet.

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