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Finally and, before clicking on “create”, of “advanced aspects”. Appear that will generally be correctly preset depending on the characteristics of the document that we have chosen. In the case of printing, it is important to look at the first two. So as not to have problems in the final display and printing. On the one hand, the first, cmyk , is the default value for printing that is. Four inks which are the ones that printers work with (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), full color. And on the other hand, the resolution, which is preset at 300pp (dots per inch), optimal for quality printing. Layout in illustrator.

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Finally… We create the document! Once all these aspects are establish, we create the document. Then a large artboard will open containing the different tools (normally placed vertically on the left side of the screen), the different submenus , to carry out different Latvia Phone Number actions (at the top of the screen) and the different windows that open from the “window” submenu, in which “layers” and “artboards” will normally appear by default. These are the ones we have to have to carry out our work. Normally, the color sample window also appears in which the different available colors are display, as well as those that we can create ourselves. Layout in illustrator. 4. Start the layout in illustrator.

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Once we have our document completely open, we can start the design and layout of it. As mentioned above, it is very important to have a preliminary sketch to follow in terms of the layout of the objects, so that the work is easier and faster, although it is true that once we get into the design these previous ideas they may vary in certain aspects, although we will always follow the guide. Illustrator layout example next i am going to show an example of layout in terms of the order of elements, so that we can see an example of the possibilities, as well as the tools that can be use. 1. Establish the necessary guidelines. First you have to establish the two main guides since we have created an artboard that joins two pages, that is, we have created a spread for each artboard .

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