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The word was then passed directly Philippines Phone Number to  customers.  . Cloud Money farm now employs 85 people in its offices in Milan. «We do everything online. Even if thanks to the Cloud we have never even bought a server. In the UK, two out of three new customers come from the Mobile App. Our business model is  Philippines Phone Number completely based on data analysis using a series of algorithms. One of the main ones defines the risk profile of the individual customer through a series of questions. Other associates this profile with the investment products available ».

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Oracle Cloud Day seventeen other direct testimonies Philippines Phone Number in the round. Table of the plenary session, with as many business. Line managers of leading realities of the Italian economy. Confirming that Oracle has the lines of business as primary interlocutors for its Cloud solutions. Rather than corporate IT. “A couple of years ago we launched an industrial digital platform. Moving our applications from our data centers to the Public Cloud, and then applying new business models first of all to ourselves – explained Angelica Tritzo, Turbo machinery Solutions Information Systems Director. by GE Oil & Gas-. The oil and gas market has been under enormous pressure in the last two years, and the Cloud is of great help in controlling costs, but another great benefit is the reduction in the time of ICT projects, which now last weeks or at most a few months. “.


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“We are creating the first group HR information Philippines Phone Number system , spread over 50 countries: we did not have internal skills to develop such a solution, and then we saw the Cloud as a lever to” force “a new mentality and the Philippines Phone Number acceptance of change – he told Alessandro Protasoni, Head of Group Strategic Workforce Planning and HRIS, Assassination Generali -. The goal is to become more and more data driven in HRM, to understand where the skills gaps are stronger than the needs, and then standardize processes as much as possible, for example

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