Instagram is a Platform That is of Interest to Businesses and Marketers Today

But how did it start?

when the app was launched for Android phones , the app had 1 million downloads in what wasn’t even a full day !
Where are we going with this?

Well, first of all, we want you to Belgium Phone Number understand how well the social network has performed since its launch, as well as how it has maintained its popularity in the weeks, months and years to come.

Now that we think about it, “maintained” is disappointing to say the least and wildly inaccurate. The platform has always shown an upward trajectory when it comes to growth.

Next, we want you to understand where the platform is today!

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He turns 10 this year and he’s come a long way!

Here is some information that will explain how:

The platform currently has around 1 billion active users .
In 2019, 37% of adults in the United States used the photo-sharing app.
60% of app users log in to use it every day, 21% use it once a week, and 19% log in less than once a week.
The average time users browse and use the app is 53 minutes, which is 5 minutes less than Facebook’s average time!
So… what have we learned so far?

From 25,000 users on day one, to 27 million users the following year and a half, and to 1 billion today, the platform has grown rapidly over the years.

Reasons for Instagram’s rapid growth
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Storytelling is central to the human experience. From your very first Instagram post to each one that follows, you tell your own unique story, however you want.
Similar to telling your own story, Instagram gives you the chance to follow the lives of people you love and admire. These can be friends, family members, celebrities, activists, and influencers to name a few.
Instagram allows users to create a community that has the same interests as them, which makes them feel like a match.

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