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For optimal translation. To use this new google feature.Taiwan Phone Number List Just make sure you have the latest. Version of the google translate app. Note that iphone owners cannot benefit from this tool because .It is not yet available on ios. But it should be soon. If you have the correct .Version of the application, using it is quite simple. You must first click on “Transcribe” and select the language spoken. It is also possible to configure the size of the text, and even to display the original text. Then, you must press the microphone under the source language to speak. Then google translate will use voice to translate the .Phrase you want to speak into the target language. And by clicking on the central two” button. You can activate automatic.

Thus Offering More Effective Results In Short

Transcription in two languages. Taiwan Phone Number List The evolution of google translate’s translation systems. It should be noted that the automatic transcription option constitutes .The backbone of technological innovation these days. Indeed, in this growing sector, artificial intelligence. (ai) occupies a prominent place. The same applies to applications for. Smartphones and computers (like google translate. Which can implement excellent functions and allow us to visit foreign websites. Or interact with people speaking different languages. Therefore, it is clear that nowadays, the multilingual. Performance of machines is not far from that of humans.

With Google Translate Direct Communication

Taiwan Phone Number List

Google tells us this clearly with the new ai. Which has made very significant progress in its instant translation system. The google translate application (google translate. Known as the google neural machine translation system (gnmt. Has relied on this technology to convert from mandarin to english, or 18 million translations per day. If we stick to the statements. Of the american firm its virtual technology used for instant. Translation reduces the risk of error by. Nearly 30% compared to other usual systems. Called long-term memory (lstm.This new deep learning method is based on a model of human memory to. Allow ai to retain short- and long-term information. Once it reaches. The end of the sentence it is analyzing.Taiwan Phone Number List  the system can remember I.Ts beginning. It takes into account all words, entire sentences and their context.

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