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I guarantee concrete results and therefore Cambodia Phone Number benefit from very lasting and satisfying collaborations with my clients. How to solve the problem and make your e-commerce profitable At this point you have certainly Cambodia Phone Number understood that marketing is essential to make an e-commerce work, but above all that it is essential to make the right choices, so as not to throw away a lot of money by wasting time without making progress. There are three possibilities before you: Take care of every marketing activity yourself , taking weeks to follow expensive highly specialized training courses on every aspect to Cambodia Phone Number know (lead generation, remarketing, digital analytics, Google ADS, Facebook ADS, neuromarketing, SEO, site performance optimization, copywriting, and much more), hoping to find really good courses.

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Later you will have to have internal Cambodia Phone Number staff to train and follow, because even knowing all the theory you cannot take care of the practice alone (you would need a working day of 18 hours, and you could not even manage Cambodia Phone Number your business!). At this point there would be no experience, without which you would still be spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time trying and trying to correct as you go along. Hire specialized and experienced staff in the company : an e-commerce manager with marketing expertise, a Cambodia Phone Number graphic designer, a media buyer, an SEO, a copywriter .

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with an annual cost that would Cambodia Phone Number certainly exceed € 150,000. Who will then manage all these figures, checking that they go on the right path and that they collaborate in the best possible way to achieve the objectives? What if Cambodia Phone Number someone decides to leave “at the best”? You entrust the marketing management to an external consultant specializing in e-commerce marketing. Better still a specialized agency, which has Cambodia Phone Number all the necessary professionalism within it, a close-knit team that has already worked together on many e-commerce projects.

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