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The recent measures adopted by the Spanish soccer league in order to expand its product to other markets such as Asia or the United States. have left its most dissatisfied asset. that is. the players who have participated in that tournament. dissatisfied. According to various press reports. David Aganzo. president of the Spanish Football Players Association (AFE). specified that the players will go to the last consequences to eradicate the decision to play an official season match that will be played in the neighboring country to the north. “We have several problems. We need to fix it with the bosses and we will tell them all our problems. If from then on and after a few days they do not answer us. we have to fix the situation.

We are convinced that we will reach the end.” Aganzo declared when questioned about calling a strike. The employer’s meeting will take place next September; In it. the AFE will make it clear that the decision to Germany whatsapp number list transport a match to a foreign territory did not sit well with any player. Likewise. this act was cataloged as the straw that broke the camel’s back. since they allege that they were not consulted to take this measure. The “lack of common sense” with which these types of decisions are made is what surprises and angers footballers. since they have to get used to things that are not in order to arrive at prime time on other continents and even receive in the squads to players.

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with non-competitive levels of soccer but who arrive through payments (Saudi Arabia). Meanwhile. Aganzo was blunt in indicating that this will not be compensated with an economic bonus since “footballers are not for sale. we think about the fans. health. and many other things.” Despite the fact that. at first glance. it seems like a suitable marketing measure to gain strength in different territories; For the Spanish league to truly see a transformation. it must first of all keep its players happy. a basic principle of marketing to generate better results. 59 percent of fans prefer to approach a brand related to their sports preferences. which speaks to the power of sports marketing in the world.

Germany whatsapp number list

Although investment in Mexico is concentrated in soccer teams  -because   they result in high-level exposure- the truth is that it is not the only space in which they can obtain benefits and a means to connect with spectators. since there are other sports that are not saturated. The clearest example is baseball. It is the second most watched sport in the United States. behind only professional football. While in Mexico . more than 5 million people declare that they practice the sport regularly. making it the third most popular sport. According to data from El Economista . baseball fans watch an average of 3.3 games a week and buy at least two products a year. Hence. sport has great potential for companies.

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Three Christmas jobs that will surprise you. That is why it is not surprising that the Major Leagues return to Mexico. Hand in hand with Grupo Multimedios. After the Dodgers-Padres series this 2018 at the home of the Sultans in Monterrey . Sultanes fans will again have preference to. Since Cristiano Ronaldo landed on. Italian soil. the process of positioning the brand new brand ambassador began. Although the above seems complicated. The player has taken. together with the team.

a series of steps to quickly gain the affection of his. New followers and gradually reduce the relationships. Comparisons and even criticism of fans of the game. Spanish team. Just a few months ago. everything around the footballer displayed kits. Merchandising and other objects related to Real Madrid. Its colors and even its sponsor brands. A publication on Instagram demonstrated this. In the image the Portuguese’s family appears. All with Juventus products and as expected. Generated reactions from his former fans. Who claimed that during his stay in Madrid he did not do something Similary.

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