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Those who have already done it. and are still in the experimentation phase. often make mistakes that. although they do not seem so important. do have a great impact on the effectiveness and performance of their campaign. Are you making any of these mistakes?: 1. Invasive ads advertising-mobile-errors.jpgIn an effort to capture as many clicks as possible. we are falling into the trap of overwhelming the user with invasive ads that often take up the entire screen and interrupt reading. Lately. the fashion of pop-up ads that jump in the browser and become

a real annoyance for the user because they do not allow any action other than clicking has increased. In reality. this practice is counterproductive for the brand. The user feels invaded and all they want is Cayman islands whatsapp number list to find a way to close the ad and return to the previous screen. It could even generate some annoyance towards the invading brand. There may be a few clicks to be won. but see how many of those end up in concrete results for your business. and which ones are from people who had to reluctantly click to get back to where they were before.

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Content not adapted for mobiles HiRes. When we talk about content that is not adapted for mobile. we are not only referring to the need to implement responsive design to ensure that the site works perfectly on screens of all sizes. but also to clearly differentiate content intended to be viewed on mobile. . The truth is that these contents must be specifically designed for mobiles. that is. thinking that they will be seen on small screens and that the user probably has little time to review them or that they are moving on foot or in a vehicle.

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This implies having a simpler and more functional design. shorter and more specific texts. legible images that load quickly. considering that we are working specifically for mobile phones . it is mandatory to simplify as much as possible all the actions that we expect from our visitor. For example. it is necessary to avoid that the user has to write very long texts in forms or search bars. For this. functions such as autocomplete are applied. which help reduce the number of letters that the user has to enter. It is also necessary to avoid that the user has to make many clicks to get where he wants. Ideally. the content should be well organized so that it is easily accessible to the browser.

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Remember that on mobile phones there is no mouse. we only have our fingers. That is why it is also important to include large. Visible and separated buttons that respond to the touch of a finger easily. Subscription-blog 4. Lack of appropriate calls to action mobile devices . CTAs. or calls to action . should take precedence. These elements are supposed to motivate the user to do. What we need: buy. share content. subscribe to a newsletter. etc. So following the idea of simplifying actions. CTA buttons should not only be visible and accessible with a touch of the finger. But they should help the user to do what they want in less time.

For example. this means offering the ability to purchase a product through a. CTA that takes the user directly to a purchase tab where they can. Complete the transaction with as few clicks as possible and without having to enter too much data. Another important aspect is to place the CTAs at first sight. So that the user sees them immediately when entering the site. If someone has to scroll down and down through the screen to find any CTA button. There is a bug that needs to be fixed. 5. Not taking into account social networks. Now it is very common for people to. Consult their profiles on social networks from mobile phones.

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