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generate interaction and help the brand to become stronger. On the other hand. Twitter. and particularly Facebook. are saturated. There are many companies and brands concentrated there. so the competition is fierce. It is a race to be the best in publishing content and attracting users. It is necessary to watch the competitors a lot to avoid falling into redundancies and to surprise the audience with different and innovative proposals. In fact. the Selfstartr platform found that 93% of marketing strategies include a Facebook profile. while only 33% include one on Instagram.

There is a clear opportunity to take advantage of a channel that has not yet been explored so much and to impact the target audience before the Egypt whatsapp number list competition. Things to consider for Instagram to help your business success of business on Instagram lies in the definition of a coherent strategy . with a well-defined brand image and visual identity. and effective management of the community of followers. Here you must be clear that visual resources are very important and that you are telling stories . It cannot be limited to simply posting pretty photos without an intention behind it. Before deciding if you are going to open a profile on this social network.

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or if you have already published some photos but do not know if you are doing the right thing. first sit down and analyze the following: Is your audience active on Instagram? Will this channel allow you to reach them? Or. on the contrary. is your audience concentrated on other channels? What does Instagram allow you to do that other platforms don’t? How will you integrate Instagram with the other elements of your marketing strategy? Keep in mind that the emphasis on Instagram is purely visual. which offers you a great opportunity to show off your products and build an entire identity around them.

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In addition. the mobile nature of the application imposes speed and immediacy . ideal for sharing moments and providing followers with a bridge to interact with the brand in a more casual. informal and instantaneous way. compared to other networks. If you are already sure that Instagram is a good fit for your business. remember to follow the guidelines below 1. Take care of your profile Please note that the profile is the only place on Instagram where you can put active links. So if you want people to go to your website. you have to put the link there.

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As we are in a purely visual social network. You must be very careful with all the images you post . Especially the profile one. Also. don’t forget that Instagram is a mobile app . So people will see the image on a screen. in a small size. This is important to keep in mind. especially when putting logos that will later appear in tiny boxes. Make sure everything is seen and understood well. The biography is the most important. Answer what does your business do? And why should people follow it? Everything simple and direct. And to complement. connect your profile with your Facebook account and thus gain traffic on both channels.

Use hashtags well Hashtags . or tags . are a very important element on Instagram. Any image corresponding to a specific topic through the search tool. You can add up to 30 per post. but use common sense to only add the really important ones. Ideally. a brand should add hashtags to every photo they post. For example. a good strategy is to see the current topics (trending topics). And try to adapt to them to take advantage of their pull and thus. Make the publications stand out. Furthermore hashtags also represent the perfect opportunity to create powerful marketing actions .

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