IT Function Motivation

Salary comes first, but clarity of role and Jamaica Phone Number responsibilities. A well-defined career path are also factors of attraction for IT functions, across sectors and businesses. Even in the availability of territorial mobility, which is high .the conditions are dictated by an important career plan or by significantly advanced remuneration packages.This is what emerges from the latest research by Michael Page , a personnel search and selection company specializing in middle and top management, on a sample of 586 interviewed throughout Italy.

IT Function Motivation Comes From Salary

But how is the working climate and the Jamaica Phone Number level of motivation in Italian companies for IT professionals and managers?. Recognition for example is indict as an important lever of satisfaction. Engagement by almost all but only feel that they receive the due recognition in the company. Are satisfi with their salary while above all women are not happy with their own. omplain of not having career opportunities.

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On the other hand, the request to face new challenges Jamaica Phone Number comes from both genders, both as projects. As technologies which is also one of the most important retention levers. In practice, to retain key roles and talents you need professional and economic growth. Investment in constant training, especially in new technologies. Which have an inestimable and essential value for IT professionals. In addition to a good life and work relationship.

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