It Is A Mindset

The words ‘digital native’ Malaysia Phone Number ‘millennial’ in businesses elicit mixed feelings. When they are pronounced, optimism is often perceived. Linked to the energy that young people can transmit in the. Workplace with their Malaysia Phone Number  desire to do. But also a latent sense of inadequacy on the part of companies. That find it difficult to attract young talents.In old Europe. Managing the presence of digital natives. Millennials in the workforce is a challenge. Millennials, in fact, are a minority part of the population. The increasing retirement age and a substantially stable number of workers complete. The picture of a labor market Malaysia Phone Number  in which it is difficult for millennials. To both enter and carve out a space for personal growth. Companies that today face a digital transformation path often perceive the importance of inserting fresh forces.

 It Is A Mindset Not A Generation

But what if the problem was not just Malaysia Phone Number inserting fresh force. New skills into the company by recruiting digital natives? What if the problem was to spread a “digital mindset” among employees that helps the company in Malaysia Phone Number its digital transformation path? What if it were really possible to build a digital culture that helps the company become more attractive to young talents?The path that companies are taking today is the creation of a digital community . Each company acts in a slightly different way, but all the initiatives arise from the commitment of senior management and a group of collaborators who make the community a reality.

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Subsequently, focused moments of cross-functional Malaysia Phone Number  collaboration should be created (digital workshop, hackathoninterni, innovation lab) in which employees are called to solve business problems creatively, with a defined time horizon, experimenting with methodologies such as design thinking and lean startup, potentially adoptable even in the day-by-day.Finally, it is essential to involve everyone, finding for each a role in the path of change that the company is facing. The involvement must also concern the most Malaysia Phone Number experienced colleagues, whose knowledge of the business, the market and the procedures is essential to innovate without losing sight of company results.Instead of thinking of their workforce as separate generational groups, one should therefore think of each employee as a protagonist of the digital transformation, with their own unique expectations,

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