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The most used recruiting tools are traditional ones CV evaluation, skills interviews and biographical interviews. The main search channels are self-nominations and search and selection companies. The use of online recruitment companies and professional social networks is still pioneering . In general a short-term perspective prevails in the search for personnel on the to fill vacant roles rather than according to plan and continuous campaigns independent of the positions open at that time. In fact  most Italian me enterprises do not yet have a structured talent management system . Entrepreneurs and talent a combination on which business performance depends. Expertise-orient In particular the disinterest consider talent as a technical skill.

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From this approach derive performance below Uganda Phone Number potential and a reduced residence time. These are national family-controlled companies with a turnover of between 10 and 49 million euros. A number of employees between 50 and 249. The person-oriented companies on the other hand multinationals with family control have. A more defined talent management on the fact that talent is linked to the person’s potential. Therefore they are mainly looking for decision making and propensity for change. Most of them do not have a real talent management system but show attention to the topic. Uganda Phone Number

The “expertice-oriented” are the least numerous profile, corresponding to non-family-controlled companies, with a turnover between 10 and 250 million euros and a number of employees up to which is also the most advanc in terms of strategies for talent management. They see talent as a professional competence  therefore in addition to seeking decision-making skills. An aptitude for change they consider expertise to be very important. They use advanced tools and employer branding tools more frequently and effectively. They are also more able to retain talents they enhance their growth.

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