Italian SMEs The

Everything converges on digital. In the last Switzerland Phone Number  five years. The turnover generated by the web in Italy has more than doubled. Going from 9.3 billion euros to 19.3 billion. Numbers still far from the European average. But the digital revolution is now unstoppable in all sectors.  Regardless of size, it now fully involves Switzerland Phone Number small and medium-sized enterprises. There is therefore a rush to acquire digital skills with a continuous updating rate. Because they are skills that age quickly, given the rapid and continuous technological innovation.The companies that still struggle to understand how to use the internet to innovate processes. To create value are SMEs, while large companies have moved ahead. However, SMEs are trying to adapt to the new world.

Italian SMEs The Hunt For Digital

What is growing is not the demand for professionals Switzerland Phone Number linked to the” traditional “IT world. But those of the digital sector who represent novelties in the Italian employment landscape in the technological sector. IT senior profiles should not be confus with those required to fill new digital roles in the company. More specifically, the eCommerce Manager has an operational management role. But not only. In fact, he Switzerland Phone Number  elaborates the strategies – following the evaluation. Planning and implementation phases – for the launch of a product or service. Is responsible for online sales. Explains Stefan Forgetting CEO and Vice President of Kelly Services Italia. The branch of the American multinational that operates. In the supply of services for human resources.


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His background is economic-managerial. He knows Switzerland Phone Number  international markets. Marketing and management control. The Digital Strategist decides web marketing. Social media marketing strategies to promote brand awareness. He must have excellent analytical and communication skills: in fact. In addition to Switzerland Phone Number  advertising communication.He must have a solid knowledge of web marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and social media marketing.

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