Italian University Students

Internet and social media today are part of the daily life of all Italian university students, however their digital skills. Entrepreneurial attitudes are still in deficit. Only one in five has done something design on the internet – such as managing a blog, a website.  Facebook page as well as a personal profile, a YouTube channel or online sales. One in four manages to give the exact definition of some key concepts related. To digital innovation applied. To business Mobile Advertising, Cloud, Electronic Invoicing and Big Data .

Italian University Students All Good On Social Media

As regards the entrepreneurial approach, the desire Cambodia Phone Number to start a business is beginning to spread.  This is confirmed by the fact that 30% of university students. Have attended a course on how to create a new company. That almost 40% of students declare that they have had at least a business idea of these.  One in two has also started a business or is trying to do so.In a mature economy like the Italian one the new economic dogma identifies digital innovation. ” Today’s paradox is that we now have a generation of digital natives at university. Who have not yet understood that their sensitivity, their intrinsic ability, can become a very effective work tool”.

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In fact, from the University research it emerges that the majority of Italian university students today enter the world of work with little knowledge of the digital transformation taking place in the economy, with a passive approach to the digital world Cambodia Phone Number with little entrepreneurial sensitivity. However, the fact that young people begin to attend entrepreneurship courses even outside the university context is an interesting sign that demonstrates how the desire to understand how to “do business” is spreading in our country, regardless of the faculty that one attends. Over 60% of students are able to give the correct definition of startup and almost 90% try to provide a ranking of the main factors underlying the success of a new business: among these the team (47.1%) stands out,

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