Jedi Blue the Amazing Secret Agreement Giants Facebook

Jedi blue an illicit advertising contract between.Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List  Google and facebook to better face a possible antitrust. Lawsuit, the two internet giants, google and facebook. Would have agreed on a secret advertising contract. Called “blue jedi. This said contract would allow the two platforms to be able to cooperate and help each other. Particularly in the event of an investigation. This information was reported on monday.December 21, 2020 by the wall street journal. Having had access to censored secret elements. Of the preliminary report the media brought them to light. A report which has precisely. Prompted a dozen american states to file a complaint. Against google a week earlier. Here is everything you need to know about this contract between. Facebook and google. A pact to oust the competition by signing this.

Thus Facebook Can Directly Access Google’s Ad Servers

Agreement, which bears the name “Jedi blue.Google and facebook essentially aim to. Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List Avoid any form of competition between them. The relevant online advertising market this contract. Particularly concerns the field of online advertising in which .The two american behemoths are true champions. The market in question is that of “header bidding”. It translates a sales process relating to advertising banners. Instead of setting up a flood of successive auctions. All auctions are done simultaneously through a script. Integrated into the area of ​​the publisher’s website. This makes it possible to provide supply.-side platforms (ssp) and ad exchange with the number. Of available and potentially planned advertising displays.

Advertisers Usually Have to Go Through an Exchange to Achieve

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And it is the one who offers the most who wins. At stake, the recipients of the advertisements thanks t.Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List O these documents on which the media got their hands. We can learn more about how google has undertaken to support .Facebook in identifying the recipients of these advertisements. This affects 60% of web users and 80% of smartphone users. In return, facebook has agreed to bid on at least 90%. Of the auctions if it manages to identify the final recipient. He also agrees to spend $500 million annually. Under this contract. A contract beneficial to both companies the “jedi blue” pact linking google .And facebook has advantages for both parties. Easy access to google servers and data.

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