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In the first place. Rich snippets false friends of advertisers optimize your site. Bulgaria Phone Number All seo consultants only have these. Words in their mouths. CThe more specific you are. The better you will rank in google’s database. Which in theory is not totally wrong. Provide as much accurate and verifiable information as possible.In the first place .Sometimes even illustrated, and the search engine will show you at the top of the thread. In a world where competition reigns permanently. Brands try somehow to stand out, by highlighting the best possible .Products and services they offer. It is in this perspective that rich snippets are valuable weapons.

What Future Will Be Reserved for Seo

In the first place. They will serve as their name suggests.Bulgaria Phone Number  To best support google’s search results. Bulgaria Phone Number  With each question asked. The answer becomes more and more precise. Finds it useful to read the content on the web page from .Which it was taken to understand its meaning. We observe that they stop their. Navigation journey earlier and earlier, especially at .The gates of the google search page. Zero click trend google figures concerning the “zero click. However it is only by clicking on the suggested links that. As a matter of fact. The various e-merchants manage to sell their services and products on the net. The referencing strategy put in place. By each of one is not profitable if internet users no longer. Click.

This Is the Million Dollar Question That Our Experts

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In the first place. Google: a silent rival? We can then think that. Google becomes in a way a flagship competitor of advertisers. Bulgaria Phone Number By giving the information and now being the only one to truly benefit from. The clicks of internet users.Bulgaria Phone Number  Should we therefore stop enriching our data. And take the risk of finding ourselves far behind our competitors.Website owners are asking the question. In the first place.In the first place.  How to encourage users to click on the links suggested .By google again? Currently, the performance of search. Engines is well established. In recent years they have undergone significant improvements.In the first place.  specially with the introduction of rich snippets.In the first place.  In an era where search engines tend to. In the first place. As a matter of fact. Become response engines the question of the continuity of seo arises.

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