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If you remember the Champions League final. the goalkeeper made serious reception errors that were reflected in the final score against Real Madrid. “You look like a Liverpool goalkeeper”. could be read in one of the translations that were shared on the Internet of episode 11 of the new Super Champions series. The series is currently one of the favorites. despite the fact that chapters generated years ago are broadcast in Mexico.  Japan’s surprising victory over Colombia. as well as the player’s incursion on the field of play. indirectly benefited Honda. Toyota. Kawasaki. among other Japanese manufacturers This Tuesday another surprise was recorded at the FIFA World Cup. Russia 2018. after the Japanese team beat.

The Colombian representative by two goals to one; In the result of the match. the entry of the player Keisuke Honda was decisive in favor of the Japanese. in such a way that the conversation was directed to Finland whatsapp number list this event. During the match. the Japanese advanced in the cardboard through the penalty route. which was executed by Shinji Kawaga and which led to the expulsion of Carlos Sánchez; later. the coffee team would tie at the hands of Juan Fernando Quintero. The difference goal would be scored by Yūya Ōsako from a corner kick. In such a way that the conversation of Internet users. derived from the player’s last name and the reference to the car brand. focused on jokes involving the latter.

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Likewise. other firms such as Suzuki. Kawasaki. Toyota. among others. stood out in the publications. With a last minute goal. Harry Kane gave the victory to the England team that left doubts about their behavior against Tunisia. who stood up to the Europeans Two goals from Tottenham striker Harry Kane gave England victory in their opening World Cup match against Tunisia; which is why the 24-year-old player’s personal brand led global trends in digital conversation. According to information from TweetReach. both the exposure and the accounts reached on Twitter exceed 10 million users.

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In the same way. he makes valid the voices of those who ask for his arrival at Real Madrid to refresh the attack of the meringues. For its part. even with the defeat. the Tunisian team also generated points in favor regarding the opinion of Internet users who recognized the effort of the Africans to achieve a favorable result. as in this case represented the tie. Although he did not convince in this first duel. like multiple teams considered to win the fair; in the case of the English it is a team under construction. which hopes in this contest to gain experience derived from the youth of its squad and the inexperience of the coach.

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This beginning of the week. Different media reported an event that could end in tragedy in the middle of the 2018. World Cup in Russia ; and it is that at the Rostov airport. When the plane that was transporting the Saudi. Arabian team was in the process of landing. one of its engines caught fire. Which became viral shortly after their publication. also helped by the coverage given to this event. Meanwhile. through its Twitter account. The Saudi Arabian Football Federation announced that its players had not suffered. Any problems and that they landed safely in the city of Rostov-on-Don. At the time it was specified that it was only a simple accident.

Airline that made this trip gained notoriety by transporting one of the participating teams in the fair. Therefore. in the event of a major incident. The sports plan would take a backseat and the coverage of this event would be more complete. In such a way. that all those involved in. The international fair must prepare and anticipate non-ideal scenarios. In order to resolve situations such as the one experienced by the Arab team. With the aim of controlling or acting in a timely manner in the face of this type of eventuality. England shares group F of the 2018 World Cup in Russia with Belgium. Panama and Tunisia. On paper he has the conditions to achieve a better result than in Brazil 2014. Where he only got one point The England team is. About to debut in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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