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Centenarian adopts Google’s Smart Working solutions Latvia Phone Number to meet the new needs of extended and mobile collaboration , both within the company and with partners, including outsourced services (logistics, administration, HR and part of IT activities) .Thanks to Google Apps for Work, Google Drive and Google Hangouts, centenarian has thus optimized existing processes and simplified access to information , available at any time and in any place. In fact, Google technology and solutions allow it to extend the workspace beyond the physical limits of the office and store, making inter-company communication and collaboration with points of sale and mobile staff more streamlined, quick and effective. .

Centenarian Smart Working For A More Effective

In particular, now buyers and the sales department Latvia Phone Number are connected to each other to share documents, images and videos on the collections of over a thousand brands present in 11 stores throughout Italy. Google Hangouts on the other hand supports the weekly call for alignment between the sales director. The store managers with the ability to share and edit documents in real time and remotely. While Google Apps gives the opportunity to sales and purchasing managers. Employees to enroll in internal training courses and share related documents including multimedia ones.

Latvia Phone Number

The company has also developed a Latvia Phone Number communication. Collaboration application in Mobile mode again bas on Google Apps to share videos to support. The set-ups with the visual managers of the points of sale who have been equipp with iPads. Furthermore through the video calls in Hangouts the staff who take care of the image of the store. The arrangement of the products can compare themselves with the other stores showing the solutions adopted in real time.

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