Logo trends 2016 – Too many similarities?

Several companies have refreshed their logos recently google, mastercard, subway. Budget, as well as closer to us industrial alliance and familiprix. You dont have to be a graphic designer to see strong trends in the last few. Months when it comes to logo design . Trends in logos 2016 first of all, the first noticeable resemblance is the choice of font. There is a strong trend towards lineal, sans serif and mostly lowercase typefaces . The curves are rounded and the lines very straight, without embellishment. The letters are more spaced and the readability is thus improved. The colors are also slightly simplified, clearer and modern . We are witnessing the disappearance of shading drop shadow, textures and embossing that the arrival of photoshop brought in the early 90s.


Start in black and whit.

In general, the trend is therefore to simplify its logo as e-commerce photo editing much as possible and to purify it to its simplest expression . The verdict the appreciation of a logo is comparable to a work of art, it is a matter of taste hence the use of the word design for this field. However, just because its trendy doesnt necessarily mean its good for your company logo… what might be great for a tech startup logo wont have the same effect for a large one. Financial institution. Just as wearing a hat as a fashion accessory is not for everyone “just because its trendy doesnt necessarily mean its good for your company logo…” also, will these trends last the arrival of smart phones and social media have greatly influenced the design of current logos readability, simplicity, miniaturization, avatar, etc.

e-commerce photo editing

Choose your main color.

In a few years, will we find these ultrasimplified logos DZB Directory too childish the importance of brand image the logo is the main element of a successful brand image. This is often the first impression people will have of a company. It also allows you to stand out from the competition. Even with a graphic designers eye, it is difficult to tell the fonts used in these examples apart… despite some typographical differences they are probably fonts created especially for each of them, the similarities are undeniable. In conclusion logo trends in 2016 are very strong and obvious. Several companies took advantage of the opportunity to refresh their brand image and bring themselves up to date. Beyond our personal appreciation or not of these logos, lets hope for a greater variety in 2017

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