Lost Your Position in Google Find Out What to Do to

Anyone who works with so must have already seen that question several times. Perhaps due to a search engine algorithm update or a site issue, or even a competitor doing he reasons for losing set rankings are varied.

But the feeling of discouragement is the same. All that work to optimize the pages and achieve a good position all down the drain.

Calm in this article we are going to help you analyze what is happening and get your positions back in the organic search results. So, the first advice is relax, everything will be fine.

Then understand what is

Going on verify that there Japan Phone Number really was a drop in positioning, because the system can capture wrong information or google can do experiments and you yourself can be deceiving yourself.

It is worth waiting a day or two to confirm if the drop continues. If it were a natural variation, everything will return to normal if not it is necessary to react. For that, monitor your main keywords all day so if a problem occurs, you gain agility.

Does Google Search Console

Japan Phone Number

GSC will help confirm if there was a drop. Check the clicks, impressions and average positioning of your keywords and pages to certify.

However, some updates are more drastic. In those case the entire so community moves. Many blogs publish about the changes and even google itself makes an official announcement.

First, find out about a possible major update close to the date of your ranking drop.

If there is no news analyze the performance of the pages in bring and yahoo. If the sudden drop in positioning did not occur in them, it is with google itself that you have to settle your accounts.


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