Mailchimp Launches E-commerce Services Smbs Intruders

E-commerce holds a special place in the daily lives of consumers today. It is therefore important for a company to have a website. Dominican Republic Phone Number List Whether it is a showcase site, an online sales site. Or a reservation site. Consumers need to have access to information. As a matter of fact. Products or services at the time they want . This MailChimp has understood. Indeed in addition to their many services. They now offer small and medium-sized businesses the possibility. Of creating an e-commerce website as well as creating an .Appointment booking site for service companies. What is mailchimp for. Mailchimp is a company founded in 2001 in atlanta. Usa, by ben chestnut and dan kurzius. It is a marketing service platform.

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Available in many countries. As a matter of fact. Mainly intended for smes . The services offered are diverse. Dominican Republic Phone Number List Originally it was created to automate the sending. Of emails by companies for newsletters for example. Now we find services such as, among others. Promoting your business, through social media or digital ads landing page. Design customer relationship management or crm in english. Segmentation analysis with a/b testing or surveys the development of new services. In the first place.The creation of an e-commerce store and making appointments are .Launched this year 2021 by mailchimp. The big + of these services is that they are free at least for basic use . Indeed transaction fees of 2% will be levied on each. Transaction and two paid.

Mailchimp Will Offer Its Own Online Store Solution

Dominican Republic Phone Number List

Formulas will be offered. Dominican Republic Phone Number List. The first at $10 per month which will reduce transaction fees to 1.5%, remove the watermark and provide access. To support. The second at $29 per month will reduce transaction fees. To 0.5% per order. Why is MailChimp interested in e-commerce. CEO ben chestnut’s answer is very simple. Indeed he wanted to meet the needs of his customers, who are to add more commercial functionalities to the platform. Of MailChimp’s 14 million users. Nearly 40% are in the commercial sector and more than of them offer services. The benefit for platform customers ben chestnut explains. When small businesses are starting up, they shouldn’t have to think about what. E-commerce software they need to install. “. They must according to him. Worry about building their brand, selling their products and.

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