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Prized target of the advertising giants. Colombia Phone NumberChild safety on the networks must be reinforced. Between the desire to protect. Young people and the temptation to open up a potential new market. The legislator and advertisers are very divided. Some advertisers choose to On the knuckles.  Of its youtube network in 2015. This is a platform dedicated in part to children. And which delivers adapted content. Problem: the regulations are there.We can’t reinforce them any more. No possible collection of user data. Which complicates the.

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Adaptation of the advertisements offered by google. The giant decides to keep content for a child audience. Colombia Phone Number On its main platform. Which ultimately exposes this very young and. Candid audience to whatever lawmakers have. Tried to protect them from. It is in this sense that governments are increasingly firm on. The rights of children on the internet. Recently the youtube platform was the subject .Of an exemplary sanction. It was after finding that the latter was .Collecting personal data on its youngest audience that. The united states decided to condemn the group. It is therefore no less than two .Hundred million dollars in fines that have been .Ordered to be paid for this serious violation.

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In the first place. The amount is excessively high for .Colombia Phone Number The sanction to be sufficiently dissuasive with regard. To its counterparts. In the first place. But it is above all so that the platforms do what is necessary now.Colombia Phone Number By making their arrangements for the .Exposure of minors on the web. Other countries are already following .Suit. Our team strives daily to support you in the .In the first place. Key targeting of your prospects. In the first place. To best reach t.He audience you are targeting while benefiting from our expertise all you have to do is contact us . In the first place. With simple clicks. They have become one of the main gateways. To their parents’ wallets. As a reminder.

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