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The Davis Cup. like all sports today. is largely supported by sponsorships from the federations. as companies like Mapfre basically pay to have visibility in this competition. The International Tennis Federation has strict television regulations that require full broadcasts of the matches. thinking mainly of those sponsors who. of course. cannot compete with their own. The players. who in tennis work well as a team no matter how individual the sport is. have been calling for changes for years. This Monday the Mexican Soccer Federation (Femexfut) announced that coach Ricardo “Tuca” Ferreti will b the technical director of the national team for the friendly matches next September against.

Uruguay and the United States. For this reason. it is the second time that “Tuca” will be in charge of the national team. during 2015 Ferreti directed three matches. against Argentina. the United States and Panama. being Honduras whatsapp number list the game against the neighboring country to the north the duel that defined the squad that would attend the 2017 Confederations Cup . With this appointment. the coach of the Tigres club will replace Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio. who led the national representative during the 2018 Russian World Cup. The national team will be made up of players from the local league in friendly matches; while for the coach of Brazilian origin it will be one of the months with the greatest intensity of work.

Since There Will Be Duels In

be held at the Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguez ; Round 19 of the current season will have a number of features that will make it attractive to attendees and viewers. One of the main reasons that makes the race special is the very possible championship of Lewis Hamilton . the fifth in his personal account and fourth in the stay with Mercedes; In addition to this. the German team would add its fifth consecutive title of drivers and constructors with which the legacy of the firm is consolidated as one of the most important in recent years. Not only that. but also throughout the week. the sponsoring brands will carry out a series of events in which the pilots will be present as well as other famous personalities in which products or activations for the season will be presented.

Honduras whatsapp number list

The various options of television in Mexico . Both open and paid. recruited a series of characters that Ranged from comedy. analysts as well as retired and active players. With the aim that people choose an option over the competence. Azteca sports announced that as part of its cast. The Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas . who defends the goal of Porto de Portugal . Would be within the analysis tables of the. World Cup coverage since being champion of the tournament. He would contribute his experience and knowledge about the sensations of the matches. After the adventure in Russian lands. The Spanish goalkeeper returned to the country. now to face a Champions League match . Corresponding to the third day of group D. Against Lokomotiv Moscow; which will take place tomorrow.

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Casillas posted a photograph in which he. Recalls his participation with the television station on the channel. The fact until the moment of publication. Generated more than 6 thousand likes. about 500 reuits and more than 80 responses. According to data from Statisa. the interest of soccer fans in the. United States has registered increases. which although they are not so high. They are constant; in the fall of 2015. 7.26 million people. Showed interest in this sport. while for the spring of last year the. Amount decreased to 6.71 million . Major League Soccer (MLS) seeks to further grow its market. And in recent years has integrated attractive elements for fans.

This is the case of stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and even increased the fury with Carlos Vela. This was demonstrated with the sale of shirts. The numbers that reign are precisely those of the two players. The MLS revealed that they are followed by the Venezuelan  Josef Martínez. The Englishman Wayne Rooney and the Paraguayan Miguel Almirón. During the last days the figure of Colin. Kaepernick returned to the spotlight after. Being the main image of the most recent Nike campaign . Which generated a bipolarity to such a degree that within the demonstrations of rejection of the firm. Some consumers burned their products. Kaepernick. a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

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