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And benefits digital marketing .Finland Phone Number List Is full of techniques to promote your brand product or service. Marketing automation is one of the techniques. Used to serve digital marketing. The principle is simple, to automate the tasks. Qualified as time-consuming, such as for example sending mail. The main advantages of marketing automation in e-mailing.Time saving cost reduction increase in conversion .Rate better loyalty more effective lead nurturing we give you. 10 examples of automated emails to set up to offer relevan.T content adapted to your target. 10 cases in which to send automated emails 1. Following a contact.

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Request for this example it is important to have on its website. A section allowing potential customers to give their . Finland Phone Number List Contact details so that they can receive information. And you can contact them. It could not be easier . He will have given you at least an e-mail address or .A telephone number by filling in the contact form. You can therefore automatically send him an invitation. To make an appointment to be able to answer his questions. If he refuses you can transfer the contact .To your newsletter list. 2. Subscription to the newsletter when a potential. Customer subscribes to your newsletter. He shows a very strong interest in your company . Indeed he knows that by doing this he will potentially receive a certain number .

Marketing Automation Definition

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Mails which proves that the prospect. Finland Phone Number List Is attracted by the brand. It is therefore essential .To personalize the sending of the newsletter so that it feels privileged and unique. The automatic email will allow you to thank each custome.R who has just subscribed to the newsletter, to plan the sending of the newsletter and to adapt. According to the attractions of the customers. 3. Order confirmation it is imperative to send. An email following the order of a customer. Because he needs to have the summary of the order. As well as the methods of sending and follow-up of the product. This will reassure him . The automation of this type of e-mail is therefore essential .To save time and to be able to return to the carrier’s site so that the customer .Can keep an eye on his order. 4. Cart abandonment many people fill shopping carts on.

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