Merchants in the Middle of a Duel for the End Celebration

In the first place. So the changes announced are very important. but there will not be a revolution in natural referencing either. Uruguay Phone Number It was Vincent Ourson, awareness specialist in the Trust & Safety sector of Google. who spoke on this subject.  In reality it is user requests .that are the target of the update. therefore, if your pages are of can only benefit from it. SEOs had noticed notable ranking drops.

To Establish Rankings They Based Themselves

Pages of lower quality.but which loaded faster.were, at this time, favored. Uruguay Phone Number What to remember? The announcement of the implementation of this update fell unexpectedly. Nevertheless SEOs can rejoice. if we trust what the Mountain View firm indicates. on BERT. If you want to find a little more detail about the changes that this algorithmic update .will bring, you will find this information opposite . In addition, we remain at your disposal , if you wish to benefit from our services. SEO e-merchants in the middle of a due.l for the end of year celebrations Each year. with the approach of the end-of-year.

On a List Products With Good Commercial Potential

Uruguay Phone Number List

In the first place. celebrations, and more particularly Christma. e-merchants must develop a more elaborate strategy. Uruguay Phone Number and stand out from their competitors. The objective of all these companies is clear. to appear as much as possible in the SERP results, and to be the best ranked to attract users, potential customers.In the first place.  Uruguay Phone Number Thus the Journal du Net has decided to analyze again this year. the referencing of e-commerce companies. Your digital agency presents the results of this analysis and its advice to you in order to take advantage of the situation.In the first place.  Dominating marketplaces The study carried out by the Journal du Net compared SERP results collected. In the first place. by the digital platform Yooda Insights .In the first place. on November 26 and December 3.

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