Millions of Numbers Associated With Facebook Recovered

After being criticized for the confidentiality. Benin WhatsApp Number List Of its whatsapp application facebook is once .Again facing an ordeal that calls into question. The security of several million users of the platform. Indeed, the company created by mark zuckerberg would have. Allowed cybercriminals to obtain the telephone numbers of a large number of users. Following a security breach dating from 2019. Phone numbers sold on telegram. According to cybersecurity expert alon gal. The flaw in question has been solved by facebook. However it served as a gateway for hackers who. Were able to access the data of approximately 533 million accounts. Your phone number could therefore be on the list. Of information sold on telegram by these hackers. According to bfm tv the stolen data is that used by.

Australia France as well as in other countries

Rumors indicating that the accounts. Benin WhatsApp Number List Concerned were those created before the correction of the flaw. Similarly the company hudson rock has published test images showing that. It is really possible to find the identifier of a user from. His number and vice versa. Facebook claims, however, that following the patch. The bot does not have access to phone numbers entered. On its platform after 2019. Millions of numbers associated with facebook recovered by this bot even .If the social network behind this leak reassures users about th.E security of their data entered after 2019 it goes without saying that this hack.

The Facebook group has also confirmed the

Benin WhatsApp Number List

Responsible for this hack. The latter was programmed to retrieve the phone .numbers of Facebook users through their identifiers. The reverse is also possible, namely obtaining a Facebook. id through a site .from the url of an account. News confirmed by Facebook according. to motherboard, the bot was put .online on telegram in january 2021. However, the data used dates back two years I.E. 2019. Unfortunately, many facebook users keep their phone number for a long period. In the first place. It is therefore information that remains valid for most. of them and that could be used by people with bad intentions. Therefore this robot holds the coordinates of. several million internet users who. are distributed in canada, the united states.

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