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Everybody out. From the traditional office. Almost half of managers and professionals now work on the move and remotely for at least half of the week. As the Smart Working Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano recently underlined . This is mainly due to the spread of mobile devices and increasingly faster connections. This is what emerges from the research carried out by. Regus a supplier of flexible workspaces in 100 countries on over 22,000 managers and professionals. And while the offices themselves are changing their skin and retooling with considerable savingsby reducing fixed workstations. Increasing common and support spaces the demand for shared spaces. Temporary offices where you can work in a comfortable and safe way  grows dramatically.


Mobile Work And Shared Spaces Grow

But what characteristics should these new locations outside the Vietnam Phone Number traditional workplace have? First of all the availability of fast and reliable connections ollowed by security for personal effects. Electronic devices and documents with significant. Differences between North America and European Asian countries. In the United States in fact proximity to public transport is a little felt. Which reaches 39% in Canada, since people travel mainly by car. In China and Japan, on the other hand, it is felt by over half (55%) and is growing in European countries: in Germany it is 67%, in France at 62%, in the United Kingdom at 56% and in Italy at 52.5%. Complementary to this need is the availability of parking spaces, considered important by 48% worldwide and by 40% in Italy. This is follow by proximity to home location in prestigious areas or building and proximity to schools and nurseries.

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“Many professionals and managers no longer need to travel daily to reach a fixed workplace , because smartphones, tablets, laptops and cloud-based applications allow you to connect flexibly and remotely”, comments Mauro Mordini, General manager of Regus in Italy . “Being able to use existing technologies to work in a more practical and comfortable location such as a business center, allows you to carry out your business in a more productive way, but also in complete safety and tranquility, using professional structures and effective secretarial support . In this way you can save on fixed costs of the structure, optimizing time and with less stress due to travel ».


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