More Agility And Work

As a brand recognized as a leader in consumer electronics. Philips today presents itself in the current market landscape with a strategy aimed at giving visibility to its global position in. Health Technology, in the field  of health and well-being. To improve people’s lives and facilitate the entire therapeutic process from prevention to supporting a healthy lifestyle. From early diagnosis to treatment and home care.  Rethink the business logic to ride the change.

More Agility And Work Life Balance

The awareness that the transformation requires the Argentina Phone Number involvement of the entire company population prompted us. To collect the opinions of our staff through a survey. Which we internally called the” Human Capital Balance . efforts to Argentina Phone Number improve the way we work in the company today.

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Precisely the concept of “flexibility” – understood in the sense of giving trust. Recognizing autonomy and empowering people – is one of the cornerstones of the empowerment strategy that Philips follows today. “Our people must Argentina Phone Number have as a guide the objectives assigned and the results achieved in managing the. Activities entrusted to them not the fact of knowing that there is a control over how much time they.

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