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You know that work tends to “expand to fill the time available for completion.” Subsequent iterations (or correlations) of this scientific theory essentially turn it over. Saying that the work contracts to fit a given time. Or, from a different angle, the meeting grows or shrinks to Remove Background Image fit the time. If you book a one-hour meeting, your content marketing team may fill that time. Limiting to 30 minutes is more likely to cover the same information (except for Chit Chat) in half the time. Another advantage is that meeting participants can get more from short meetings. Social Remove Background Image scientists have proven. That the human brain is to pay attention and absorb information. Simply put, if a meeting is too long. People will mentally check out even well-meetings.

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Conclusion If you’re looking for ways to increase the productivity of your content marketing team, think carefully about your meetings. Taking a strategic approach to team meetings can produce some amazing results in terms of creativity and outcomes. What are some tips for making content marketing meetings important? Please Remove Background Image shared in the comments. Want to make better use of your time? Subscribe to the CMI Weekly Newsletter for a digest version of your daily email. Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski Content Marketing Institute

One of the first modern psychological experiments to test the effectiveness of group brainstorming was how effective a group of four brainstorming was in solving a problem, whereas one possible Remove Background Image solution. How to devise. 96% of the participants were often of higher quality and had more ideas when working on their own. Do not brainstorm with the Content team. adeolonoh states that it is less effective than individual brainstorming.

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To say nothing of click tweet Organizational psychologist Adrian Furnham describes it as follows Evidence from science Remove Background Image Suggests that businessmen must be crazy to use brainstorming groups. They work alone when creativity or efficiency is a top priority. If you’re not a group brainstorming wagon and Remove Background Image haven’t yet been meeting to resolve. The goal is to give managers and team members uninterrupted time to focus on their work

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