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to provide you with valuable feedback and write comments about the services and products they have purchased on your website. Make sure reviews are visible to buyers so they can learn from previous buyers and make the best buying decision. #7. Mobile Commerce ( M-Commerce ) Online shopping trends are changing rapidly and you too need to adapt to these changes to stay competitive. M -commerce or Mobile Commerce is the fastest growing trend these days and people started buying products from apps. Having a mobile app or mobile version of your e-commerce website is crucial as more and more people visit your website from their smartphones.

As you develop the website. make sure you also develop the mobile version. If you are paying attention to the above factors. your website will definitely see a Return on Investment over time. It’s important that Ecuador whatsapp number list you monitor your business and regularly update and educate your customers with useful information so they don’t get bored and come back for something new every time they visit your website. Maybe you’ve heard something about them: Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000). are turning marketing on its head . In this presentation. we give you the 7 basic concepts to learn a little more about this generation and 5 tips that will help you conquer them.

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You’ll also enjoy these items: What do young people expect from a website? How to attract customers of each generation? What do Millennials want from a Website? from Publish Advertising and Multimedia Solutions CONCLUSION: Although many things have been said about this generation about how to conquer them. the most important thing is to be clear that they are the generation of visual consumers par excellence . If your company wants to stand out. amid the saturation of content that bombards these young people (or young adults). you must produce incredible material; every piece of content should give them experiences and be memorable.

Ecuador whatsapp number list

It is a more than effective way to be recommended and come back! Some businesses decide they don’t need to open their website because they already have a Facebook Fan Page . Actually. both are channels that cannot replace each other because they have different functions and objectives. They are different components within a marketing strategy. which work independently but at the same time complement each other to achieve good results. Let’s see how they differ: Some posts that may interest you to take your social networks to another level.

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How to promote my business on Facebook Avoid this if you want to be successful in Facebook Ads the center of your digital strategy. which concentrates your other online components. including your Facebook page. You need a strong and effective website to support your digital presence. On the other hand. remember that social networks are a complement whose main objective is to encourage user participation and interaction. Instagram has become the quintessential social network for sharing photos and short videos. But beyond a simple fad. this app could be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. Consider that Instagram currently has a huge reach: over 400 million monthly active users.

over 40 billion photo shares. and over 3.5 billion daily Likes . Not bad for a platform that has only been around for six years. Why should your business have an Instagram profile? on Instagram you have a golden opportunity to connect with your audience. Build loyalty and build a community around your brand. The publications in this social network have an engagement rate (commitment by the user) of 4.21%. 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. This means that users on Instagram are more involved with the brand . they are not just passive followers who do not take action or give anything back. On the contrary. they participate.

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