Negative Comments About Brands on the Internet Can Be

In the Uk Advertisers Will Be Able to Regulate. Spain Phone Number List  Technology Is Always Ahead of the Rules and That Is Why.given the Phenomenon of Internet Advertising.regulations Usually Take Some Time to Appear.As a matter of fact. in This Case in the United Kingdom the British Advertising .standards Authority (Asa. An Entity Regulation on Advertising Will Subject After 15 Years. As a matter of fact. Online Marketing to the Same Regulations as the Media Such as Television the Press or Radio. Thanks to These New Regulations.there Will Not Only Be Clear Rules on.

Advertising on the Internet but Also

In the first place. On Social Networks Where Advertisers Will Now. Be Able to More Effectively Control the Comments. Spain Phone Number List Or Videos Made About Their Products .on Sites Such as Facebook and Youtube.As a matter of fact.  Having the Ability to Eliminate Them. As Has Been Known Through the Techcrunch Publication. If They Do Not Comply With the Regulations. First, second, third. Despite the Cost of This New .First, second, third. Surveillance Regulation Google After Thinking About It for a While, Has Decided to Contribute 200,000 Pounds, While Advertisers. Will Contribute Another Percentage Through the Asa . Although Until Now the Asa Regulated Paid It Will Be Able to Remove Those That Do Not Comply With the Regulations. Especially Those.

Pay Per Click” That Until Now It Was

Spain Phone Number List

In the first place. Not .able to Control in Addition to Being Able to Place Advertisements. Spain Phone Number List Pointing Out the Inappropriate Behavior of Advertisers Who Have a Kind of Online “Humiliation”. One of the Reasons for These Regulations. Has to Do With the Large Increase in Complaints About Online Ads That Have Occurred in Recent Times (4,500 Complaints. In the United Kingdom on March 1, 2012 “has the Objective of Protecting Children .and Consumers”.In the first place. having to Buy Space You Generate Impact’sAs a matter of fact. it Is That They Are Also Very Valuable Impact’sEqually important. In the first place.Equally important.  be They Are Not Detected From the Just Like Commercials.ecaus

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