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Misinformation but also a lack of propensity for the most innovative professions. The students do not project themselves into. The new digital professions due to little interest.The majority still focus on marketing, administration. Human resources; only one in four could do computer science. Not even one in three engineering. Companies confirm the scarcity of candidates for technical-scientific roles. But also admit cultural resistance and working conditions. That are not always suitable for encouraging the growth of female figures in certain roles. In which they could instead bring product / service innovation.

New digital Professionals Technological knowledge

The digital revolution is China Phone Number underway. But it seems to barely touch high school. Vocational school students. Obviously skilled in using technologies, but without the theoretical skills. Orientation that the times would require. A new research, carried out by Net Consulting Cube on behalf of. CA Technologies on a sample of. HR and Coos of 60 Italian companies and 225 students of high schools. Professional institutes, confirms that the students have never heard of the new digital professions . One out of two men and two out of three girls ignore what the Data Protection Officer. The Digital Information Officer, the Big Data Engineer , the Data Scientist are, the Expert in Agile Methodologies and the Internet of Things Expert.

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Looking specifically at female students (the research, entitled “Women and digital transformation. A winning combination”, was presented at the meeting. New horizons for digital millennial. Organized by CA together with the Solitaires Foundation.  Interest in corporate functions also shows substantial differences between the two sexes and confirms the gender gap in the technological field: the percentage of female students who will be involved in information systems in the future does not reach 5%, while that of males is close to 22. % and is in the lead in professional expectations. The areas where girls think they have the most professional opportunities are administration.

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