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Instagram last month launched a new feature , called “Guides”, to encourage shopping on the social networking app. Its raison d’être is to offer all users of the American photo-sharing and social network platform, and in particular brands, companies and influencers, a marketing tool that makes it possible to further promote the promotion of  Germany Phone Number List   and the shopping. “Instagram Guides”, what is it? Instagram’s new “Guides” tool (which, let’s remember, belongs to Facebook) was definitively launched for all users of the social network application in November 2020. Before that, Guides had been tested since May with organizations, businesses, and experts in the health and wellness industry, especially to deal with the anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Search engines can select now not to select a selected URL if it does no longer meet its selection standards.

This feature was designed for the purpose of creating unique resources around a specific topic or product. Instagram describes the Guides feature on its own site as “  an easier way to discover recommendations, tips, and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations, and content publishers on Instagram  .” In addition to being able to group and collate your own Instagram content, Guides also allow you to import content from other accounts. Thus, Instagram Guides are like individual albums or collections of content gathered as a resource in one place, in which your content will be highlighted in a structured way.

“instagram Guides”, What Is It?

Instagram Guides will allow you to bring together a mix of educational content, information on various products, ideas in common. And behind-the-scenes winks, among others. The advantage for your subscribers is that they will be able to easily find and view these articles quickly, instead of scrolling through all your content. Whether you are a brand working in B2C or B2B. An influencer, or even a regular Instagram fan. The Guides will allow you to gather all the content your audience wants in different, simple and creative ways. Here are some helpful tips for getting started with Guides. 1. Configure your Instagram Guide If the concept of “Guides” seems interesting and relevant to you in terms of influence for your Instagram account, we will describe below the few steps necessary to create your own Guide quickly.

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On your Instagram profile, tap the + icon in the top right corner and select “Guide” from the “Create New” pop-up menu. If you tap the + icon but don’t have the option to add a guide. Go to any profile that already has a guide set up and open one of their guides. Scroll to the bottom of the guide and you will see the option to create your own guide listed. Add Content to an Instagram Guide Next. Choose the type of Instagram guide you want to create and select your content. You can choose from three options for Guides: Places, Products, or Publications/Posts. It’s important to understand that Guides only select content from your feed posts, not Instagram Stories. On the other hand, if Instagram Reels (Instagram’s short videos) or IGTV posts have been shared on the feed, they can be included in your Guide.

 Configure Your Instagram Guide

In each of the Guide options below, when selecting posts. Tap the thumbnails of the posts you want to add. The number you picked in the sequence will appear in the corner. Posts will be downloaded in this order, with the first post at the top of the Guide. If you want your content listed in chronological order based on when it was created, select the oldest content first. You can select a specific location listed on Instagram. Once this location/location is selected, you will be able to download up. To five posts related to this location from your content. Keep in mind that Instagram will pull all public content tagged with this location, not just your content. Avoid submitting the equal URL a couple of instances an afternoon. If pages are changed regularly, then it is pleasant to wait 10 mins between modifications earlier than notifying search engines.

If you run a local business with a physical location. Like a restaurant or a store, this is a great way to highlight the infamous UGC. Or “user-generated content” on Instagram, which will showcase the location of your business. And make it discoverable to all your subscribers, effortlessly. – Guide for products The “Products” option lets you pull Instagram posts related to a single product. After selecting “Products” as the type of Guide. You must then choose an Instagram store. The stores of accounts you follow will appear first and you can browse them. Or search for the store of a specific account. After selecting the store, choose the product you want to feature. Then select posts related to that product. You can only submit one product per Guide.

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