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Hence the idea of ​​Copernicus Milano Centrale, a large Czech Republic Phone Number building in the Central Station area of ​​Milan which today is the largest European co-working space. But it is only one piece of a network project that will cover all of Italy. We talk about it with Pietro Martani, Entrepreneur Creator of Copernicus and CEO of Windows on Europe , a holding company that manages real estate properties dedicated to hospitality for both business and leisure, present in 31 Italian locations and 5 international capitals. Windows on Europe is the leader in Italy in the management of real estate, para-hotel facilities, holiday homes, residences and work spaces.

New Spaces For Changing Work

What are the next steps to carry out the project of Czech Republic Phone Number having a hundred spaces in Italy?. What role does technology play in your project?. Where did the idea of ​​Copernicus come from?. The idea was born observing the changes in the world of work. Which are taking place on all fronts. Freelance workers are growing exponentially in the Anglo-Saxon world they will soon become one in two. In Italy they are still perhaps one in seven, but there is great space for development. And these people don’t work in a classic office, but they need spaces spread across the territory. Places suitable for meetings.

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INFOGRAPHIC No more paper, waste of time, waste of Czech Republic Phone Number resources: here is the new paperless office! Big Data Cloud Find out more Download the Infographic But even large companies are looking carefully at smart working . From my point of view, every single Italian company has to rethink how their spaces are conceived. We are moving from a logic of control over human resources to a logic of empowerment, because it has been understood that talent is important and innovation is the fuel of tomorrow. In this key , companies must think about the well-being of their workers, and the need arises for places that can be close to people: they do not necessarily have to go to the company headquarters every day. We believe that our mission is to build an infrastructure for these companies, breaking the established logic.

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