Novi Now Replaces the Name of Facebook’s Calibra Virtual

E told you again a few days ago.Australia Phone Number List  The facebook social network is multiplying the news . The confinement will at least have had. A positive impact on the progress of the group’s projects. This week, the virtual portfolio o.F facebook has also just been modified. If you may still remember, in june 2019.The group announced the creation. Of its online wallet under the name calibra. And recently, almost a year later after the launch, it has seen a name change. It goes from calibra to novi . A digital wallet: what is it to define it as simply as possible. It is neither more nor less than a means of paymen.T made available to everyone in order to pay. For purchases exclusively online and in complete security from a connection device.

Its Purpose Was to Support the Project to Create the

(smartphones computers tablet etc. Australia Phone Number List  Calibra was part of this perspective. Its purpose was to support the project. To create the libra cryptocurrency, and thus ensure the monitoring of exchanges. Reminder of the context of the creation o.F libra in 2019, facebook and many large companies operating on the net. Announced the creation of a cryptocurrency called libra. The latter although very innovative, has nevertheless suffered many criticisms. Indeed.His concept somewhat challenged the basis of the. Current global monetary system. Those who strongly opposed it were mostly .Heads of state of major nations. The latter first saw it as a way to. Support illegal businesses by validating fraudulent money transfers.

Libra Cryptocurrency and Thus Ensure the

Australia Phone Number List

But also and above all it was unthinkable .Australia Phone Number List For them that the holding of a currency. Hitherto considered to be the privilege of states alone, should be conferred here on a group. Of companies that were already very powerful, economically speaking. The first real difficulties were encountered in october 2019. When several of the members of the libra association jumped. Ship and simply withdrew from the said project. Calibra becomes novi: why this name change.The word calibra was originally found to stick. To the libra cryptocurrency. Following the controversy aroused by the creation of libra. Facebook decided to change the name in order to mark. The separation with the initial guiding idea of ​​this project.

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