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Thus. depending on the number of tickets sold. the city could prepare itself to serve this public. let’s say. placing more subway cars or buses. and strengthening the experience of the thousands of fans who live an increasingly digital experience. In addition. it is an opportunity for nearby businesses and vendors. who will know where the largest number of attendees will be concentrated and could offer products alluding to the teams or layers. umbrellas. caps or sunscreen. depending on the weather. In the energy saving of buildings and stadiums:  stadiums are large buildings in which adequate lighting and temperature must be maintained. as well as adequate water management and security.

Thus. it is important to know the technology that allows smart buildings. and therefore. reduce their energy consumption. Installing Guatemala whatsapp number list state-of-the-art medium and low voltage equipment allows up to 30% energy savings to be achieved. In addition. stadiums may be able to intelligently manage their electrical installation and control lighting and air conditioning systems. In Weather Prediction . There is an increased awareness of the importance of predicting weather conditions and keeping athletes and spectators safe. Safety should always come first when lightning. rain and high winds. or other conditions threaten play. Weather delays are becoming more common for two main reasons.

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There is an increase in extreme weather events. With the best information available at the time. Today’s technologies combine real-time data with accurate forecasts to provide a more powerful tool for highly specialized storm preparation and forecasting. Additionally. access to real-time lightning information is critical. Advanced lightning tracking technology allows knowing the impact path of possible lightning strikes heading towards an event in real time.

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This is vital for early decisions that protect spectators and players. “Data collection is not only about useful information for the coach or the merchant. it is also about making available to the user what is necessary to make their experience pleasant. Climbing. All this is Edge Computing . one of the revolutionary trends in the world of IT and Data Centers that increasingly improves the user experience and the operation of the. entire infrastructure necessary to take advantage of the information generated by the IoT.

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According to the event’s organizers. The new format replaces the current one in which. As a result the “maximum team event” of tennis lost its shine because the stars. And elite players of the “white sport” usually. Ignore the tournament due to their busy schedules. The message: “Stop hating.” BBH London Country: United Kingdom Year: 2012 The copy is “Unleash chaos” and the image speaks for itself. This time. Ax presents a deodorant edition that comes in two versions: for men and women.

Florida. Starting in 2019. 24 countries will compete during February in a home or away knockout stage. The 12 winners will advance to the final tournament. France. According to sports analysts. the Davis Cup has long ceased to. De an interesting competition. since the professionalism of the. Sport has spread and has remained only an. Achievement in history but not a goal in itself. or Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. caused worldwide controversy and gave Benetton’s internal agency several advertising awards.

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