The Implementation of the New Google Partners Program

Over the last 90 days. Thailand Phone Number When earning the premier partner badge requires.An even higher level. Of investment in your managed accounts. As you will have understood premier partner. Certification concerns both agencies and brands. With significant advertising budgets. The implementation of the new google partners program. Thailand Phone Number Delayed due to covid-19 recent health news is very worrying. The majority of the countries of the globe find themselves confined. Totally or partially. This social distancing is not without effects on the .Economies of each state. And particularly on the finances of the companies that run these economies. It is therefore on this basis that google has decided. To postpone the launch of its new google partners program. In a press release sent to the various partners about a week ago.

Be Maintained by Those Who Hold Them

Google ads announced the news. Thailand Phone Number By a tweet made on the official account of the american group.He furtively explained the reasons. Naturally starting by evoking the worrying .Situation in which the world now finds itself plunged. Subsequently, he estimated that the reduction in activity, due to the spread of the coronavirus.Would hurt the portfolios of every company. At the end of this confinement, this particularly unprecedented fact will for sure push brands to revise their. Advertising budget downwards. One thing leading to another. It would be much more difficult, in such a context.To enforce the new conditions of the program that .Google wanted to launch. A choice that is all the same strategic. This decision is easily.

The Giant Is Thus Offering a Moment

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Understood in developing its program.Google wanted above all to establish a partnership .Thailand Phone Number Relationship with google ads users. It is to his credit to take into account the ambient climate and. To be so considerate with regard to his partners. The primary goal is to maintai.N a firm and lasting commitment with its customers. It even seems appropriate to keep access to. Its advertising tool as it is. The consequences of such a report. On google ads users the main consequence here .Is that the changes made by google will not come .Into force before 2021. This also means that the old google partner .Certifications awarded can also

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