Once Finished, You Will Be Redirected To The: Campaign Manager

Campaign manager The Campaign Manager Following the creation of your first campaign, you will be redirected to the campaign manager. It allows you to follow the statistics of your different campaigns. And it is here that you will come later for the South Korea Phone Number List  of your new campaigns. In the discovery of other campaign types, we will configure the Linkedin tracking and conversion monitoring tool. Install the LinkedIn Insight Tag In the same spirit as the other tracking tools on Facebook with PIXEL and personalized audiences from Google , the Linkedin cookie offers you to measure the return on investment of your campaigns and to follow more precisely the actions that Internet users have taken after seeing or clicking on your advertisements.

If you are not comfortable with this ask your web developer here to place this code above the </body> tag. or use your TAG manager The second step invites you to create your first conversion you can track here several types of actions such as: Add to Cart To download To install View of an essential page lead To buy Register Other Selection of conversion method Sitewide Insight Tag The pixel on the whole site is generalist. It captures the actions of members trying to reach a specific website URL. Pixel for specific event Useful if, for example, you want to see the prospects who have placed your product in the basket, but have not validated the purchase. Retargeting will then allow you to represent your product or service to them. In this case you will have to place the PIXEL on the corresponding page.


Once The Configuration Is Complete

Remember to check the status of the conversion which will tell you if the conversion is active. Attention, you must wait for the cookie to receive data to be considered active Pixel for specific event The conversions will then need to be added to your campaigns [if these campaigns are compatible] Other types of campaigns Text campaigns Text campaigns Text campaigns are displayed on the banner to the right of the newsfeed. They are use to generate leads and target traffic. Creating a text ad starts with choosing the landing page for users who click on your ad. If you have a ready landing page, this is where you will need to enter the address.

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The creation of a text type advertisement The catchy title or text must be configure here. Linkedin invites you to choose a formula that catches the eye. And makes it want to go further with your advertising. Here no miraculous advice: You will have to put yourself in the user’s shoes by using action verbs and short and effective formulas. Depending on your capture strategy, the messages will be different as in each of your advertising creation steps you will have to do several tests before finding the formula that will hit the mark!


A Preview Of Your Ad Will Be Available On The Right Of Your Screen

Here 3 formats available: Square horizontal Long 3 formats available 3 formats available. 3 formats available Junto doesn’t just talk nonsense. You can create up to 100 variations here. Here’s a good opportunity to do A/B test type tests to find the formula. That will hit the mark with your audience! We recommend at least 2 variants in order to have an element of comparison and find the best image, or the best text according to the results and the return on investment. create here up to 100 variants Choose an audience Once again here you will have to choose your audience according to demographic elements and targeting you can choose 16 targeting criteria such as.

Company Name Activity area size of the company Job Function Hierarchical level Member’s school Fields of study Diplomas Member Skills Member groups Member gender Member’s age Years of experience Company subscribers relationship in the company What find your happiness is not it? Text campaign budget Text campaign budget This type of campaign allows you to choose two strategies: CPC — cost per click or CPM — cost per impression as well as tracking conversions with PIXEL which was not possible on sponsored content type ads, take the opportunity to analyze the conversions of your advertising by activating your PIXEL.

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