Which Has Been Able to Optimize the Referencing Important

Chosen with the main e-merchants. Viet Nam Phone Number And classified in categories .Such as high tech fashion or culture. So the best ranked merchants are those who attract the most customers. When they buy. It is therefore logical that there is a race for referencing. Culture and high tech: fnac finds its place as far as culture is concerned fnac is naturally the leader in this sector. Although it remains the benchmark it still saw its main rival, amazon, come dangerously close during. The week in question (november 26 to december 3. On a lesser scale in terms of seo quality, the company specializing in the sector. Cultura closes the podium. Top-10-culture then in terms of high tech. Fnac also took first place in favor of amazon.

Seattle Company Follows Boulanger

Jeff bezos’ marketplace suffered a pretty. Amazing drop in seo quality in one week. Viet Nam Phone Number It nevertheless remains alongside fnac. At the top of the ranking. Behind the two behemoths. Only cdiscount is trying to keep up their infernal pace.Viet Nam Phone Number  While specialists in the field such as ldlc and materiel.Net, remain far behind. Top-10-high-tech amazon takes the rest in the toy sector. The study confirms the assumptions that. We could make after the previous rankings. Specialized e-tailers are unable to impose themselves. Marketplaces and/or generalists.Viet Nam Phone Number  Occupy the top of the ranking. And it’s not a surprise. When we know that more than one in two e-commerce. Sales are made on a marketplace. Added to this is amazon trying.

Clear Leader. Note the Good Progress of Dyson

Vietnam Phone Number List

O leave no crumbs to its competitors. In terms of referencing, the american company is twice better referenced in google queries than the second in the ranking. A second which is now cdiscount, tied with fnac. Top-10-toy for video games, it’s an identical pattern: generalist (marketplaces) know how to place themselves in the serp results. Amazon is once again the most consistent.Ahead of its usual competitors, cdiscount and fnac. Viet Nam Phone Number And it is at the foot of the podium that we can find a specialized e-merchant with micromania. Which is on the rise. Top-10-video-game as for organic referencing in the home sector. Amazon once again managed to sneak onto the podium.Despite specialist e-merchants.

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