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It is advisable to pursue the achievement of tangible results such as “Increase conversions on your website”. “Get people to request your offer” or “Increase installations of your application”. Select a very broad or very specific target audience One of the most important advantages of advertising on Facebook is that the audience we want to target can be segmented in detail. However. there are many who still do not know how to use the tool well and simply leave the selection of the audience to chance. so that the ads are presented to a large mass of people who do not have much in common.

Or on the contrary. others become so obsessed with segmentation that they establish too specific criteria that end up reducing the audience quite a bit. Both extremes are bad. because it is not convenient to China whatsapp number list target a group that is so large. that surely will not be so interested in our product. but neither to a group that is so small that it will not give us the necessary exposure to achieve results. To avoid this. Facebook has an indicator (like a thermometer) that tells us when our selected audience is too broad. or too specific. 3. Not doing A/B testing Doing A/B testing.

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consists of carrying out several versions of the ads with a dual purpose: to identify the preferences of the target audience and to improve the results of the campaign. In this way. the worst performing ads can be eliminated. leaving only the most effective ones in order to make the most of the budget. Having a single ad not only prevents you from obtaining valuable information about the interests of the target audience. but also means risking money because you don’t know if another alternative to it could give better results. That is why it is important to have two versions.

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changing one variable at a time. be it the image. the text. the call to action button. etc. You can even launch the same ad but to different audience segments or targeted to different devices (mobile or traditional). 4. Not Differentiating Between News Feed and Right Bar Ads On Facebook you have the option of placing ads in the news section of each user. or in the right bar. You have to understand that they are different elements. with their own characteristics. For example. keep in mind that news ads must adhere to a rule that text cannot take up more than 20% of the total space.

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Also. they are more expensive than the ads on the right. However. news feed ads tend to perform better because. They’re in the same section as friends’ updates. away from the ad to the right. If you want to try both options. you should plan them separately. Thinking that the user will see them in different places on the screen. This may mean that the images and. Texts are different in each case. 5. Not creating mobile ads properly Likewise. You can create ads that will appear specifically on mobile. But there are still those who downplay advertising on. Such devices and simply ignore this possibility.

Any Facebook ad strategy is not complete without its mobile component. Do not forget that you must be very careful when creating these. Ads because the display on mobile screens requires images readable. By the naked eye and very short texts. Do not be tempted to make replicas of your ads for the computer because the final display could be affected. 6. Not including call to action buttons Remember that calls to action. or CTAs. will increase the chances of achieving results . That is why it is essential to include them in the ads. Facebook offers you the ability to add 5 CTA buttons. which will be displayed below the image:

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