PA model of sustainability for Italy?

For a conscious use of resources it is necessary to act on behavior. Focusing on infrastructural, managerial. Organizational and training interventions . Uk phone number list for your business. The Public Administration could be the forerunner in Italy on UK Phone Number sustainability. Separate waste collection, fight against waste. Purchase of organic food with a formidable impact on the entire country. With public spending of almost 17% of national GDP. Its employe can help the country make a profound cultural leap. In the opinion of the employees themselves.

 Public employees: the journey has begun

The event on the innovation of the. Public Administration which this year is dedicate to the renewal of the PA to help Italy to achieve.

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The costs of the PA have a significant importance that requires a change of pace in terms of rationalization. Optimization of consumption linked to activities and services – explains Carlo. President of FPA in a press release.The awareness of the importance of sustainable consumption practices grows in individuals. The inseparable link between sustainability objectives and good practices in Public Administration was reiterated in the lectio magistralis given by economist Jeffrey Sachs. Director of The Earth Institute of Columbia University.

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