PA Reforms Start

To manage change it is necessary to start with Algeria Phone Number human resources. They are the real asset on which to base transformation and change projects. This also applies to the PA, a sector which, however. Participation is sporadic and only in a few cases can you count on an enlightened leader. The point is that there is no possibility of reform without. The commitment of the people who work in the Public. Administration underlines Carlo Mochi Sismondi, the President of FPA .

PA Reforms Start With Human Resources

To accompany and manage the change introduced Algeria Phone Number by the administration reforms. It is therefore necessary to focus on the potential of public employment, characterized by a higher education rate than the average of the other sectors and by specific skills and professionalism, also in order not to undermine the feasibility itself. of the process. Forum PA, together with a small group of experts, conducted a survey. Which involved 115 cases, to highlight the positive experiences of workers’. Participation in improving administrations and their services. Forum PA 2016 on May 26, which will also be attend by Anna Maria Ponzellini. Partner of the Apotema consulting company. Carlo Dell’Aringa, Deputy of the Chamber . In addition. Seven representative experiences of different participation models will be present.

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Making change starting from people will also Algeria Phone Number be the central theme of. The seminar to be held on May 25, which will host the. Forum of the Single Guarantee Committees.- the network spontaneously made up of over 50. CUGs of Italian public administrations – in which we will discuss how these. Committees for equal opportunities, the enhancement of the well-being of those. Who work and the fight against discrimination, present in every public administration, can contribute to innovate the PA. During the afternoon, the importance of working together as a team will be highlighted, overcoming the individualities of individual organizations to obtain added value both in terms of well-being and efficiency. In particular.



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