Paid Referencing, What Unexpected Reversal Jurisprudence

Online Sale of Medicines Pharmacies .authorized to Use Paid Referencing (Google Ads. Albania Phone Number List facebook Ads or Microsoft Advertising Thanks to the Decision. Of the Council of Stat Voted on March 17, 2021. Pharmacies Can Use Paid Referencing to Sell Their Medicines. Not Subject to Medical Subscription, Online From May 24, 2021. Pharmacies Have Been Allowed to. Sell Non-prescription Drugs Online Since 2012 . However, This Activity Was Highly Regulated. Indeed Only Community Pharmacists Have. The Right to Sell Non-prescription Drugs Online, for the Sake of Protecting Public. Health. But Also French Regulations Prohibited .pharmacies From Using Paid Referencing. Paid Referencing.

What Is It? Paid Referencing

In the first place. Also Called Sea Search Engine Advertising Is Similar .to Conventional Advertising Called Ads. Albania Phone Number List Sea Literally Means “search Engine Advertising”. To Use This Type of Strategy There Are Many Ways. The Main Tools Are Google Ads and Bing and Yahoo Ads. Paid Referencing Designates. All the Advertising Actions Allowing to Obtain a Significant .visibility on Various Search Engines Against Remuneration . In Most Cases It Is Through an Auction System That .keywords Will Be Acquired by the Company Wishing to Improv.e Its Referencing. In the Case of a Pharmacy This New Authorization to. Carry Out Paid Referencing Will Allow the Latter to Put. Themselves Forward During a Search for a Drug That They.

Offer for Sale. An Unexpected Reversal of

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In the first place. Jurisprudence in 2018, the Supreme Administrative. Albania Phone Number List Court Had Ruled on the Question of Paid Referencing. Authorized for the Sale of Non-prescription Drugs Online. It Had Estimated That the Use of Paid Referencing. By French Pharmacies Would Undermine the Protection of Public Health . This Decision Has Therefore Been a Case Law Since Then. However in Other European Countries, This Practice Is Authorized.In the first place.  as in Germany Where the Turnover of the Sale of Drugs Online Represents .In the first place. 15% of the Total Sale of Drugs in the Country. In France. In the first place. The Online Sale of Medicines Represents 1% of the Turnover of the Total Sale of Medicines.

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