Pinterest Is A Social Network Launched In 2008 Whose Purpose Is To Share Images

List of must-know Pinterest features. It can be used as a digital library where it is possible to arrange its content within different categories called “boards”. The name Pinterest comes from the combination of the word “pin” in English (pin) and the word “interest”. This of course evokes those corkboards on which we pin or glue images, photos or documents. Here’s a list of Pinterest’s must-have features, from the most essential to the lesser-known, that will allow you to get the most out of the application of the social network specialized in visual content. The Home Feed Your Home Feed is where you’ll find Pins, people, and brands that Pinterest thinks you’ll like, based on your recent activity. You’ll also see Pins of the people, topics, and Boards you choose to follow.


You have the ability to name your boards and organize them on your profile as you wish. Feel free to invite others on Pinterest to collaborate on Group Boards for even more ideas. The profile Your profile is a reflection of who you are. This is where you’ll find all the Pins you’ve saved and the Boards you’ve created. On the Profile page, you can also see who is following you as well as the Boards, Topics and People you are following. Anyone can see your profile, but the Boards you want to keep secret will remain hidden. Find Pins by website Imagine you like the Pins of a particular website and want to see all pinned images from that site, then here is what you need to do. with the name of the desired site, and you’re done.

The Boards (Tables) Pins You Save Remain On Your Boards.

To do this, go to the “Pinterest profile” section, then click on “Last saved to”, and finally select the criteria by which you want to organize your Pins. Send Pins Thanks to this trick, you can send images and photos to your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, for example. To do this, simply hover the mouse over the image of your choice, then Peru Phone Number List  on the share icon at the bottom of the image. Save images directly from browsers You can add the Pinterest button to your Google Chrome browser, for example, to save things you find on the web. Pinterest’s “Save” button will allow you to save all the great ideas and photos you find on the web, so you can easily come back to them later. To add the Pinterest button to your Google Chrome browser, go to “Google Chrome Webstore”.


Go to your Pinterest profile, then click on the “Share” icon located just below the search bar. You can then select any social media app to share your Pinterest link. Close a session This feature will allow you to remove access to your account from all devices where you have ever logged into your Pinterest account. You can use this trick to safely log out of a friend’s phone or PC, for example. To do this, go to Settings/Parameters, then to Security, then to Connected devices/Connected devices, and finally to Show sessions/Display sessions. Develop your “Following feed” On Pinterest, it is allowed to follow as many people and topics as you want. To do this, go to Following/Suivi, click on the Add/Ajouter icon to find new people to follow and then select the profiles you want to follow.



To Do This, Just Share Your Profile Link On Other Social Media Sites

And it also allows you to work together to discover ever more interesting content. All you have to do is invite the desired users to your Board. By clicking on the Edit/Modify icon and then entering the name or the e-mail/mail address of the collaborators. Control your privacy If your settings allow it. Pinterest sometimes allows certain service providers to collect and use the information available on the application to create personalized advertisements, for example. But you have the option to allow or disallow Pinterest to use this type of information by going to Settings, then Privacy and date, then “Personalization”. Unsubscribe from the e-mail notification service If you no longer wish to receive emails from Pinterest, you can unsubscribe by clicking Change settings. Next, click “Notifications” on the left side of the screen. Next to “By email”, click on “Edit” and on “Deactivate all”.

Customize your notifications If you feel you’re getting way too many unnecessary notifications from Pinterest, you can customize the type of notification you want. Just go to Settings, then click on Notifications. You can then change the notification mode by changing three settings: On Pinterest, By email, or By push notification . Clear your searches To remove all search terms displayed below the box every time you search Pinterest, just click the cross-shaped button just below the search window. Hide your profile Search engines like Google or Bing may display your profile or your boards in their search results. If you don’t want to appear in search results, you can change your settings to turn on search privacy. To do this, go to the Settings/Parameters section, then click on Privacy in data/Privacy and data, and you will end up with Search Privacy/Privacy of research.

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