Polimi, 91% of HR Departments have a

.Australia Phone Number list your business.The development of culture and digital skills is the real protagonist of the Australia Phone Number seventh edition of the. HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the Politico DI Milan.Which conducted a survey involving 170.  HR directors of medium-large companies operating in Italy. The most significant fact is that there is now.

Plan to face the Digital Transformation

The most widespread initiatives are those of Open Innovation. collaborations with universities. To find, enhance and disseminate digital skills internally.

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“By now there is no doubt that in the medium term it will be necessary to new skills. That it will be necessary to update the existing ones. A continuous review of the processes – comments Mariano Coors. Scientific Manager of the HR Innovation Practice Observatory-. The sustainability of traditional models of skills is now clear.  This creates anxiety and concern. The focus is on. Now we need to focus on actions. On a “people strategy” that anticipates the needs of organizations.   For HR to be truly enablers of a strategy that revolves around people.  Strategic alignment between the HR management and the business lines is fundamental. In the coming years, the competitiveness and very survival of organizations will depend on the ability to transform processes. Products and business models to meet the challenges of the digital revolution. And at the root of this capacity.

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